Review: A Forever Family for the Army Doc


Rescued by the single mom
As a nurse and single mom, Izzy Halliday has her hands full. The last thing she needs is the distraction of a maneven one as irresistible as new hospital director Nicholas Macpherson!
Former army doc, Mac, has come to Wetherby to heal his soul but the sparks flying between him and stunning redhead, Izzy, aren’t bringing him much peace! Mac is in search of a quiet life, but time with Izzy and her daughter soon teaches him the unexpected joys of a chaotic family life.

Rating: 4-stars


A Forever Family for the Army Doc by Meredith Weber is a great read. It brings up the life of adoption and adoption families. Not every child goes into a good home. But the main leading female charcater ended up in a home where the people loved her. It was crazy, messy, and good. 

Izzy had it bad. Her life has been going okay, until she meets the new stranger in town. Izzy soon learns that it’s her new boss. That means off limits for her. Dating a previous doctor she worked with has landed her in the zone of ignoring all men. Especially, with what happened with the last boyfriend. 

Mac wasn’t expecting to meet a woman like Izzy. The redhead has his attention from the get go. Instant chemistry. But soon he learns who she is…and that means off limits for him. Izzy isn’t the woman he can just roll in the hay with…and she deserves better. Plus, she has a daughter and is his coworker. Yet somehow, their time together is pulling at their threads and causing them to break…love is in the air. 

A Forever Family for the Army Doc is an entertaining read. I found it realistic. The characters were believable. Their situations kept building into an intense environment leaving me hanging off my seat wondering if it will go anywhere….Meredith Weber’s novel was strongly about family life. I liked that. Overall, I recommend this book to readers everywhere. 

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