Review: Fire in the Wind


Book 4 Wind Series. Outraged by a cross burning on her land, Megan forms the Night Posse then strikes back. Meanwhile, she is saddened by the tragic illness of her dear friend, James. After her new boyfriend is killed, she is jailed for his murder. Later she fights to the death in the darkness against an avenger. An undercover cop pursues her. When a dying James attempts to end his life, Megan is forced to act.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Once more Judy Bruce has lured me into her world of fiction. Here, I found tons of action, danger, and risks. Love, loss, and murder are also inside this exciting read. Never a dull moment. The main character, Megan, has her hands full in this tale. Things being done on her property, being charged for her boyfriend’s murder, and trying to fight back. With the police trailing her, it quite an interesting and intense plot. Fire in the Wind is a perfect title for this book. Book four to a wonderful, engaging, and mysterious series. I recommend Judy Bruce’s writing to all. 

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