Review: Toxic Client


Not every client is a good client!

Learn how to avoid problem clients that are more trouble than they’re worth…
To succeed in business you must learn how to recognize and avoid the Toxic Client. With useful stories everyone can relate to, Toxic Client will show you how to handle the problem customers.
In that first flush of life as business owners, we often say “Yes” to anyone who wants to hire us. We think the most important thing is establishing a client base. As long as we’re getting hired, that’s a good thing, and it’s all that matters.
But after a while, we learn an important truth: Not every client is a good client. In fact, some of them are truly toxic — they contaminate our business environment and breed negativity about the work, they infect employees by lowering their morale, they exhaust and debilitate our energy reserves, and they drain our coffers.
Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding Problem Customers will teach readers how to:

• Deal with Angry and Lying clients

• Engage in Active Listening to spot potential trouble

• Identify Freeloaders and Troublemakers

• Stay clear of clients with Alcohol, Drug Use and Entitlementia issues

• Dismiss and Avoid Toxic Clients
The book features a Bonus Section on using Collection Agencies, Mechanics’ Liens and Small Claims Court to get paid for your efforts.

Rating: 5-stars


Toxic Client by Garrett Sutton is a must have for those in business. Dealing with customers is not easy. Not every client that comes to a business man or woman will be a good client. This nonfiction book, guided on how to see,understand, and recognize a toxic client from the others. Toxic clients are good for anyone or any business. It’s best to know how to avoid these kind of customers. Toxic clients can destroy what businesses have built. A good name for starters. All it takes is for one or a few bad clients to ruin a business and its employees. This book was well-organized and well-done. It was easy to navigate through and to comprehend. Garrett Sutton also gives ways on how to handle these kind of clients, if businesses run into them. The Toxic Client was very informative. I recommend this book for all businesses despite the size. 

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