Review: Ascension of Larks 


When globetrotting photographer Magdalena Henry loses the only man she’s ever loved, she risks her stellar career to care for his widow and young children on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest.
Free-spirited and fiercely independent, Maggie adores her life of travel and adventure. But she has a secret. She can’t let go of her first and only love, renowned architect Marco Firelli, now married to her best friend Lena.
When Marco drowns in a kayaking accident, Maggie rushes to the Firelli family’s summer home on San Juan Island. Once there she discovers that Marco was hiding something that could destroy his family. As fragile, perfectionistic Lena slowly falls apart, Maggie tries to provide stability for Marco and Lena’s three young children.
When Maggie is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to compete in the world’s most prestigious photography competition, she thinks she’s found the answer to their problems. Then Lena makes a choice with unexpected and devastating consequences, forcing Maggie to grapple with an agonizing decision. Does she sacrifice the golden opportunity of her career or abandon the Firellis just when they need her the most?
Gradually the island begins to work its magic. A century-old ritual to beckon loved ones home offers hope in the midst of sorrow. And a guilt-ridden yet compelling stranger hiding on the island may offer Maggie a second chance at love, but only if she can relinquish the past and move forward to find joy in unexpected places.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Ascension of Larks by Rachel Linden is a captivating read. Talk about an adventure! The main character, Maggie has her hands full. A past lover marries her best friend. From there things get more complicated, messy, and mysterious. When Maggie’s past love dies, she rushes to the aid of his family. Trying to help them out as they move forward in life. But even then, life gets shaken. Maggie is offered a once in a life time event…and the family she’s come to help, is needing her help more than ever. Decisions need to be made and soon. Following Maggie as she grabbed what came her way, was interesting. She’s the kind of woman who deeply cares and does everything possible in her reach. Fate has a way of awarding her…maybe. A possible new love may enter into her complex situation. Rachel Linden’s novel was fast-paced. It held a promising tale. Delivered with excitement, an emotional journey, and believable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ascension of Larks. Loss, love, and new beginnings. 

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