Review: Serial K 


It was the perfect spot for his first kill.
So begins Craig Breedlove’s descent into darkness.
The diabolical sociopath undertakes a journey to become the most famous serial killer of all-time. Most young boys idolize sports superstars, but Breedlove’s heroes are Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac. He begins emulating the deeds of Gacy, Dahmer and Gein, first ballot inductees into his imaginary serial killer hall of fame, and quickly vaults to the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
FBI Special Agent Ryan O’Callahan leads the investigation, and teams with his ex-wife, FBI Profiler Lea Pucci. Unbridled passion defines their relationship, both positive and negative.
As the search continues, the body count rises and the lunatic shifts his target to the FBI. Fear grips the public. Many will die, but who survives?
Brian Gallagher, author of award winning Vatican Protocol, delves into the mind of a serial killer with the release of Serial K. 

Rating: 5-stars


Serial K by Brian Gallagher is the latest novel by this talented writer. His new book took me by surprise. This is completely different from his first novel and a whole lot more complex. The tale reveals a serial killer set on copying his “heroes” who just happened to be the worst and most famous serial killers of their time. The plot moves quickly as the numbers of dead bodies pile up…and the FBI feels the pressure. Imagine a serial killer being smart enough to create doubt in the collective FBI mind…that kind of power sent chills down my spine. The murders occur in a bone chilling realistic way. I felt like I was dragged into the darkest CSI crime episode of all time. The killer is a sociopath who feels nothing yet responds when he’s ridiculed. His anger and childhood traumas define how he came to be what he is…and while the FBI thinks they’ve solved the crime, they’re wrong…because this serial killer isn’t done. Especially, after a reporter with the Arizona Republic mocks him. 


Brian Gallagher brought out the darkest yet most haunting tale to readers everywhere. I learned facts and details that actually describe serial killers, their motives and why they do what they do. Being inside a serial killer’s mind is frightening. Yet, here I was deeply engrossed in the plot. Fast, well-written, and engaging. I was constantly held in suspense. The beginning caught my attention and from there I was pulled into this novel. The scenes were deadly and gruesome, but believable yet entertaining. Brian Gallagher has once again lured me into his brilliant world of fiction. His work never ceases to amaze me. I loved reading this new title, and I can’t wait to see his next book. I highly recommend reading the Serial K to readers worldwide. Gritty, edgy, and the most thrilling chase readers will read. 


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