Review: Hearing Voices


“The cool character jackpot” – Readers’ Favourite “You’re a dead man,” he yelled.

“That’s great. Now answer the question.” – Issac Blaze

Isaac Blaze.
A quick wit, zero allegiances, and every major government agency after him. He’s also got two voices in his head. Neither of which is particularly helpful. Or care to be.
But at least he’s never been caught.
Hell, he’s barely even come close.
So when finally a SWAT team does actually manage to take him in – and with such ease at that – they probably should’ve been asking themselves: why?
Too bad they didn’t.
A lot of people got killed.

(Only for fans of Deadpool, Jack Reacher, Derrick Storm, Jason Bourne, Ben Hope, Harry Bosch, Gabe Quin, Lee Child, The Punisher, Elmore Leonard, Wolverine, and Richard Castle.) 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Hearing Voices by Axel Cruise is an engaging thriller. I’m a huge of both Lee Child and Jason Bourne. This novel was like those. It was exciting. Thrilling adventure at every turn. Never a dull moment. The plot was fast-paced. This was also the first time I’ve read a book written by Axel Criuse. His writing is stunning. Cleverly woven into a suspenseful read. I was intrigued. Hooked. I love novels that are full of action. Hearing Voices had plenty of that. Plus, heart-racing moments and edge of your seat scenes. Overall, I recommend this entertaining thriller to readers worldwide. 

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