Review: Kamikaze White Noise


Kamikaze White Noise is a collection of three books by Nicole I. Nesca, The Sexual Repression Collection, Kink and Canned. Though not a formal trilogy, the books were written as companion pieces and follow the themes of sexual freedom, emotional frankness and street-carnival logic, all written with Nicole Nesca’s usual free-flowing sardonic wit. Kamikaze White Noise is prose and poetry that assaults the sense, liberates the mind and celebrates life on the edge like a perfect quarter-mile drag race.

Rating: 5-stars


Kamikaze White Noise by Nicole I Nesca is a brilliant collection of poetry. The poems words create a billion emotions swirling in my mind. As I read further, I was pulled deeper into the bold free verse. Unlike anything I’ve read. Each piece had its unique message that branded me. The words flowed easily. Not once did they feel forced nor strained. Exciting. I found many themes hidden in each poem. I loved it. Nicole I Nesca is definitely one poet I would watch for….her poetry is beautiful. Overall, I recommend Kamikaze White Noise to readers worldwide. 

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