Review: Destined to Last


Lady Kate Cole was a young woman of exceptional beauty, extraordinary talent, and notable charm. She was also a woman so remarkably prone to accidents that it was generally considered wise to keep as much distance from her as possible.
Yet Andrew Hunter simply couldn’t stay away. No other woman would do for his wife. He would give her adventure, fidelity, and a fortune so vast she’d need several lifetimes to go through half of it. What woman could ask for more?
All Kate asked for was a true love match. And Mr. Hunter clearly had no room in his heart for such a silly emotion. But then how was it that no matter what adventure he dragged her on, no matter what mishap befell her, the look in his eyes told her they were…DESTINED TO LAST. 

Rating: 5-stars


Destined to Last by Alissa Johnson is a sexy yet scandalous romance. A young woman turns downs suitors all for the search of true love. Yet one man bids his time. Trying to learn what she likes and wants from a suitor. Thinking he may have her yet, he makes a bold reach. It was entertaining to watch Andrew Hunter try to lure Lady Kate to him. Men think they understand women until the breaking moment comes. Hilarious, charming, and well-told. Destined to Last is indeed a fascinating adventure. Overall, I highly recommend this historical to all. 

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