Review: A Second, Less Capable, Head 


A Tea Party activist discovers that he is growing another head. A playboy befriends a fickle female only six inches tall. A rape victim confronts her assailant in a maximum security prison. 

James Hanna is a prolific writer whose stories have appeared in over a dozen literary journals. Drawing from his experiences as an adventurer in Australia, a counselor in an Indiana prison, and a San Francisco probation officer, James offers a variety of themes and genres in these nineteen aberrant tales. His stories range from a bizarre experiment (“Fruits”) to a manhunt in the dead of winter (“The Break”). From a flasher in search of the perfect pose (“Exposed”) to a diseased schizophrenic mind (“Hunting Bear”). 

Darkness abounds in James’ cryptic stories. And reading becomes dangerous again. 

A Second, Less Capable Head, The Guest, Exposed, The Stalker, Fruits, The Outback, The Sicilian, Breaking Vials, Honey Bunny, Jimmy Likes Mermaids, The Dress, Hunting Bear, Cheating the Jail Out of Time, The Break, The World Baseball League, The Wall, Hunter’s Moon, Another Will Take Your Place, The Body in the Bay. 

Rating: 5-stars


A Second, Less Capable, Head by James Hanna is a brilliant collection of short stories. Each one ranging in topic. A variety of charcaters and lives lived. Dark, engaging, and thrilling with every turn. I was intrigued. James Hanna definitely knows how to write well. A Second, Less Capable, Head is suspenseful, frightening, and hilarious. There’s so much to enjoy in this collection.  I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. 

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