Review: Love in the Deep South


Meet the young and beautiful Laydii Mitchell from Memphis TN. An 18-year-old high school senior on her way to college, and seems to think she is on top of the world. She’s dating the up and coming hustler, John Jackson; who is loved by the ladies, and hated by most guys. The two seem to think that their bond is unbreakable, that is; until something happens that rocks the both of their worlds. Will they be able to remain that “forever it” couple, and continue to stand above all, or will life’s hard knocks finally bring them to their knees? 
— Keya Harris, is Laydii’s best friend, who can’t seem to stop her cheating boyfriend Samuel White, from sticking his penis in places it doesn’t belong. She fights with any and everybody to remain that number one lady in his life, only for him to disregard her efforts; by hitting a little too close to home with his cheating ways. Will this couple be able to rise above all obstacles and come out on top, or will Keya finally get fed up with the bull, and decide to leave. 
—- Aaron Thomas is the man to see. He started out hustling at the tender age of 15, and is now headed on his way to the top at just 24. In his young life, he’s seen more money than he knows what to do with; which makes him a hot commodity for the ladies. However, he isn’t checking for the local “gold diggers,” as he is well aware of their intentions of getting with him for his money. His focus lies elsewhere; on one particular female that is seemingly “unavailable. Will Aaron finally be able to get the woman he has been “vying” for, and finally have his happily ever after? 
—- Toni Simpson is Laydii’s younger fifteen-year-old sister. She is young and carefree, as most girls are at that age. However, she’s more than just your typical teenager, as she so badly wants to be grown and take on the world way before her time. Unaware of the ill intentions of those surrounding her; she goes and gets herself into a situation that even she’s not so sure she can get out of. Will Toni be able to return to that once carefree teen, or will fatal circumstances force her to grow up before she is really ready. 
With drugs, lies, sex, murder and betrayal; many will be left devastated, and trying to find their way out of this twisted web of chaos. Ride along with these characters, as they take you on a journey around the dirty south city of “Memphis.” 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Love in the Deep South (A Memphis Hood Tale) is a wonderful novel detailing the lives of those who live in Memphis. The language was beautifully done. The charcaters were believable. I felt as though the writer, N.L. Hudson, transported me from my seat straight into her book. Once inside, the drama was thick, entertaining, and well-told. However, the content is graphic and recommended for those 18 and above. Sex, drugs, and murder inside….overall, I recommend this African American novel to readers everywhere. 

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