Review: Sirens Over the Hudson

Westchester Co., NY – 2008. Panic engulfs the financial district, but the privileged youth of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow is not feeling the sting just yet. For the children of bankers and Wall Street sharks, the summer holds the promise of rock concerts, boat rides on the Hudson and flippant hookups. Gregory King spends the final weeks of the school year skipping classes, playing guitar and toying with Islam. Greg has a secret vice: he likes to take other people’s things. For a while he manages to get away with petty theft – until he becomes obsessed with Cyntie van Vossen, his classmate’s girlfriend. Their affair sets off a chain reaction of treachery and violence. The bars of the gilded cage start bending beneath the weight of the secrets encasing the community where money solves every problem. How will Gregory pay for his mistakes after his trust fund runs out? Sirens over the Hudson will herald his misery.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Sirens Over the Hudson by M.J. Neary is an interesting tale. Packed full of mockery on the rich. Here, I got to explore the lives of one rich family. Despite their money, most family members are not doing that well. Their career choices show that. Plus, their detriment relationships shows that even the rich can fall to pieces. A young son, is focused on his music. He dislikes his parents treatment towards his brother. He feels like a failure to them. Gregory has some weird habits. Like stealing things off corpses even though his family has money. A dysfunctional family and themes of racial issues are also explored. Every pages builds the intensity of the situations. Entertaining and enjoyable to read. Sirens Over the Hudson is a must read. 

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