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As a single mother, Naomi Sullivan is used to doing things on her own. She’s finally saved enough from working at the Cortez Ranch to buy a lovely home for her and her little girl. Life is going as planned. But when her high school sweetheart comes riding back to town, this self-sufficient woman feels something she hasn’t felt in years: red-hot, unbridled need for the handsome cowboy who left her behind.
Lucas Cortez doesn’t plan on being in town long. Yet when he sees Naomi again-the gorgeous girl he never stopped loving-he’s tempted to hang up his hat and stay awhile. He’s already charmed his way into her daughter’s heart, but he’ll need more than sweet talk and roses to convince Naomi to give them a second chance-especially when she’s hiding a secret that could change their lives forever . . . 

Rating: 5-stars


Comeback Cowboy by Sara Richardson is a heartfelt contemporary novel. I was hooked. Intrigued. Sara Richardson knows exactly what readers like myself want in a romance. Hot, sexy, yet charming characters. An emotional journey that left me laughing, crying and falling in love. I couldn’t stop reading this book. 

Yes, the title is a perfect fit. A cowboy does comeback. He stuck up for his younger brother. That led him to being in jail. Everyone in his small-town home, hates him. Thinks Lucas is a no good man.  It what they don’t know, was that he did what he could to save his younger brother. But that also meant he lost out on a life with his woman…Naomi Sullivan. 

Naomi Sullivan has never stopped loving her crush. Lucas Cortez. He had her heart back then, and still owns it. But now, that he’s back, she’s been avoiding him. Or was, until she almost ran him over with her truck. From there, he meets Naomi’s daughter and falls in love. Life gets more complicated and messier than they ever thought…

Mark is Naomi’s ex. He left her and now, after ten years he wants to be a part of their daughter’s life. But Naomi isn’t sure. Plus, she’s not sure her daughter is his. 

Comeback Cowboy is exciting. Every page is hot, intense, and addictive. I loved following the characters as all hell broke loose. Sara Richardson truly knows how to entice readers. I look forward to reading her next book. Overall, I highly recommend it to all. 

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  1. Comeback Cowboy by Sara Richardson is the second book in the Rocky Mountain Riders series but can be read as a complete standalone. It is a sweet and lighthearted romance and the type of book I would call “classy” because it’s more about the growth of the relationship and less about the sex.

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