Review: City Affairs


An epic tale of heartbreak, despair, hope and second chances, inspired by a real life story. Felicité has a reasonably successful career, working in London’s Canary Wharf financial district; and is a faithful, doting wife. Her husband is an author and serial cheater. After catching him cheating for the umpteenth time, she sets him an ultimatum. Meanwhile, a dreamy mega-rich hedge fund manager has been showering her with attention. A chance encounter one lunchtime will have profound ramifications beyond her wildest imagination.
As she struggles to make sense of everything, she is forced to confront her inner demons and grapple with the difference between fate and destiny. A strange confluence of circumstances conspires to present her with her greatest dilemma yet. 
The book is set in London, with scenes in France and New York. 

Rating: 5-stars


City Affairs by Seb King is an exciting yet realistic romance. Readers like myself will get to travel to some of the best cities while exploring the brewing romance between characters. It was easy to read and relate to the situations that popped up…Seb King made his characters real. His words entertaining. New beginnings, choices, and the chaos of life are explored on every page. City Affairs one emotional journey that I recommend to women everywhere. 

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