Review: Bold Love (A Letter To My Young Sisters)


Bold Love: A Letter to My Young Sisters is a love letter full of personal experiences, science and deliberate encouragement to help one move through the challenges related to self-esteem, absent relationships and racial challenges. This body of work is written through the eyes of the writer as if she were her younger self. Bold Love speaks to young ladies and women that may not understand the pathology of their behaviors. Bold Love uses poetry and anonymous testimony to normalize any reader that may feel like their problem is one that only they have faced. Bold Love creates a platform to encourage self-reflection and makes a plea for one to accept their reality and not live in fantasy by holding on to what one believes should have been. The love letter is to encourage a young generation to learn who they are and where they come from and to not allow unfavorable circumstances stunt the promise that was put on their lives.

Rating: 4-stars


Bold Love: A Letter To My Young Sisters by Terri M. Bolds (MS, LPC) is a book of empowerment and self-esteem for young African American women everywhere. The writer gives readers a personal ride through the book. In this journey, challenges are presented. From relationships to racial conflicts, Terri M. Bolds gives a deeper meaning to these group that she targets in her pages. Exploring the behaviors of young women and opening their eyes. Moving forward is the main theme of this encouraging book. Reflections, deep thoughts, and questions to help these young African American women claim their future. I found it awe-inspiring. Overall, this was a great book to explore. 

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