Review: The Covens of Elmeeria 


Princess Nia and her people have always publicly hated all witches. Witches are evil. Witches are cruel. But in one night, Nia must convince a deadly coven of sorceresses to help her defeat an army, or her family will be executed. Nia has always been adored by the masses. She is beyond reproach. Her one secret is that she was born a witch.

The Covens of Elmeeria centers on Crown Princess Nia and the beautiful garden kingdom of Elmeeria. Nia and her parents, King Roo and Queen Bloom, are loved and celebrated by their people, but are also guarding a grave secret. Both Queen Bloom and Princess Nia are witches, and are terrified that the people of their kingdom will find out about them. What makes matters worse is that outside the great wall that surrounds Elmeeria is a banished coven of sorceresses, despised and ridiculed by the populace for their strange, dark powers. The popular royals want no association with the isolated enchantresses, but after their realm is invaded, Nia must travel through forbidden and treacherous lands to find the coven’s lair and beg them for their help.

Nia desperately wants to prove that she can be a strong, capable leader, but what she doesn’t realize is that all power comes with sacrifice, and that to save the lives of her family she might have to lose the love of her people.

Rating: 5-stars


The Coven of Elmeeria by Miguel Lopez de Leon is an exciting adventure. A book made perfectly for young adults. Magic, evil forces, and kingdoms are found on the pages. Choices will soon have to be made. A royal family is in danger. Their daughter, the crown princess, will do everything she can to get help. Help that comes in the form of a coven of witches. Ones that were chased out by the kingdom. The crown princess, Nia, is related to the witches. Both her and her mom are witches. I found this twist interesting. It showers readers with the themes of family, good versus evil, and sacrifices. Love for her parents causes Nia to reach out for help. A brave young woman fighting for what she loves. Inspiring, entertaining, and full of paranormal elements. Overall, I recommend The Coven of Elmeeria to readers everywhere.

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