Review: Even When It Hurts (Seventy Times Seven)


Maxine Hunter and Reverend Claude Jacobs have been engaged for a year and unable to decide on a final wedding date. The delay for their marital bliss comes in the form of Claude’s longtime friend, Geneva Shade. Geneva is in love with Claude and has decided she’s going to do whatever it takes to be with him, even if it means damaging his life. Claude is unaware of Geneva’s mental illness, which makes him oblivious to her sinister tricks to break up him and Maxine. Maxine’s eyes are wide open to Geneva’s games, but after one incident too many, Maxine is finally pushed to her breaking point. Claude finally sees Geneva for who she really is, but it’s seemingly too late. Will Claude and Maxine be able to forgive Geneva and each other, Even When It Hurts

Rating: 4.5-stars


Even When It Hurts: Seventy Times Seven by D.A. Kelley is an African American novel that shows how hard life can be. The characters struggle just like the rest of us. Choices are made. Sometimes more often than not, they make the wrong decisions. This, then leads them to instant regret. A torn relationship and insecurities. Taking the steps to accept, forgive, and move on will be hard. If they can forgive where will that leave them? Anger, lust, and evil planning are just a few things keeping the characters apart. But what God pushed together, might be fixed…or not. D.A. Kelley wrote a book that all women can relate to…even most men. We all have had something similar happen in our lives. I enjoyed how she combined real life and issues like mental illness into an entertaining read. Overall, I recommend to to readers everywhere.

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