Review: Between Lost and Found


Janelle Marshall’s life is finally going according to plan. Her perfect, upscale career–and her perfect, successful boyfriend–will make her future as secure and predictable as her childhood never was. And with luck, Little Bill, the grandfather who raised her will someday understand why she’d rather play it safe than be impulsive. But just when she should be happiest, she gets a distressing call: Little Bill has gone missing. Now Janelle must go to the one place she’s long avoided–the tiny mountain town of Mammoth Falls, South Dakota.

Tracking down her eccentric grandfather is easier said than done, and Janelle has no choice but to stay as long as it takes. Yet little by little, she’s drawn in by the unique town, the helpful locals, and their distinctly straightforward ways. Before long, she realizes that those who also care about Little Bill are struggling with their own vulnerabilities–and secrets as deep as the mistakes they try to set right. As Janelle learns to draw on their support and hard-won experience, she’ll challenge her past, comes to terms with her present–and chart her own surprising course forward.

Vibrant, heartfelt, and uplifting, Between Lost and Found is about gaining the courage to take chances, learning to let go, and rediscovering the family–and the self–you thought you knew… 

Rating: 4-stars


Between Lost and Found by Shelly Stratton is a great read for women everywhere. It’s about family, life, and taking chances. I enjoyed following the characters as they went about their lives. Choices were made and some consequences happened. It was an enjoyable journey. This was my first book that I’ve read by Shelly Stratton. In the beginning it dragged some but then sped up a little. A woman’s grandfather goes missing…so, she leaves behind her perfect life to head back home to him. There she finds some peace. Facing her fears, Janelle learns a lot. But it takes her grandfather to help her a bit. The title fits in perfectly with the protagonist. Overall, it was a great read. 

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