Story Prompt Ideas…

1) Your character starts dating someone new and is amazed at how much they have in common.  They seem to have all the same interests and opinions!  But by the second date, your character begins to have an uneasy feeling.  Every opinion that this person expresses is exactly what your character would have said himself/herself, practically in your character’s own words.  It seems like too much of a coincidence.  It is almost as if this person had studied your character ahead of time and was playing a role.  But how is that possible, and why would anyone do that?

2) A murder has taken place in a cabin in the middle of a snowy field.  Your character finds three sets of footsteps entering the cabin, but none leaving.  Apart from the victim, no one else seems to be there.  What is going on?

3) Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, your character’s husband or wife seems furious with your character.  “We’ll stay together for the kids,” s/he tells your character coldly, and will say nothing else when they’re alone together, although s/he puts on an act of normalcy in front of other people.  Up until then, the marriage had been very happy, and your character has no idea what’s going on.  S/he thinks there must be some terrible misunderstanding, but how can s/he resolve it when s/he doesn’t know what it is?

4) Someone has reprogrammed the GPS in your character’s car to go to an address that your character doesn’t recognize.  Your character lives alone, and no one else has the keys to his/her car.  Your character decides it must be a computer error and deletes the new address.  But the next day, the GPS has been reprogrammed again, and on the front passenger seat is a map with a circle marking the same mysterious address…

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