Chapter 1: The Doctor

Bree Egan stood watching as they last petal fell. The once beautiful rose was now gone. Sadness crept into her heart as the tears fell upon her cheeks. A strangled sob broke out causing a full case of weeping.
No. I won’t go. They can’t make me.
The sound of feet running towards her broke Bree from her sobs. It was now or never.
The doctor was coming for her. He even told her the day would come that she would be his.
With everyone else dead, Bree had no family to fight for her. Everyone thought she was crazy. Insane…all because the family doctor convinced them that she was. Too late, did Bree and her family find out what he really was. A murderer.
It’s all because she reminded him of someone…
Breaking the window to her right would be impossible. There was anything to break it with…except for her body. Weak from being drugged. Bree dragged her wheelchair closer to the window. Bringing her foot up, took forever. Slowly, she finally got it in place. Just as she kicked the window…he came rushing at her…
Screaming, Bree hoped somebody was around to hear her.
“I got you. You’re going nowhere, Bree. Do you hear me?”

The doctor grabbed her chin and cut her. A sharp pain vibrated through her. Screaming louder, Bree kicked him with all the strength she could muster. Then, everything went black.
“Hey, Bree.”
“Hey, Conner. How are you feeling today?”
“I feel great. A bit slow but that’s what arthritis does for someone in my age, huh?”
Smiling at the 76-year-old in-house resident, Bree enjoyed her work. Working with the older residents gave her joy. Many didn’t have families who visited and the ones that did only came to keep up appearances.
“You seem to be feeling just fine to me. I saw the way you moved when Ms. Walters came out into the living area.”
“Busted. I can’t do anything without you ladies noticing.”
“No. But that’s because we care about Conner.”
“Nurse Bree, we need you in room 205. There’s a new patient”, said Mandy.
“Thanks. I’m coming…Conner, do you need anything else?”
“Nope. I’m good. Thank you, Bree.”
“Always, Conner.”
Turning into the main foyer, Bree walks into the office picks up the roster sheet. Looking over the new patient information as she headed into the hallway.
Knocking on the door, Bree steps into the room.
“Hello, Mrs. Aaron. How are you doing? I’m nurse Bree. But you can just call me Bree…”
Bree stopped the moment the older woman grabbed her wrist. Pulling it out of the woman’s grasp was proving a bit difficult.
“He’s coming for you, Bree Egan…he’s coming for you.”
“How did you know my last name? Who’s coming for me? Mrs. Aaron…who?”
Beep. Beep. Beep. Be…..beep.
Nurses and the two resident doctors rushed into the room. Pushing Bree aside.
Stunned Bree walked out of the room into the hallway.
A masked person dressed in all black ran the moment Bree noticed.
“Security! Help! Intruder!”
Bree ran after the person. Knocking into trays and people along the way. The masked intruder left speeding away into the night.
Bree waited outside while the police came. They checked the video feeds, questioned witnesses, and took Mrs. Aaron onto a stretcher. Her body was being sent to a lab for forensics.
“Hey, you had a rough night.” Mandy said sitting beside her.
“That’s mildly putting it. I don’t know how she knew my last name. Or how she got here, where I work. Or who the intruder could be…but I can’t help feeling that she was murdered before she could say anything of real interest to me. What if…”
“Don’t go there, Bree. You worked real hard to put one danger behind you. That killer is buried six feet under. There can’t be anyone else going after you. You’re the best nurse here. Besides, the residents are in love with you.”
Sighing…Bree knew it was true. No one else could be after her…But that didn’t stop the words from Mrs. Aaron floating into her mind again. Shivering, Bree shook away the thoughts. It’s a new day…work had to be done.
“Oh, and Ms. Jones told me to tell you to go home, take the day off. Then, come back to work.”
“But I’m fine. Really…”
“You can’t fool me, Bree.” Mandy said getting away.

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