Review: Mute Desire by Chris Lange

Spooky old building in dark alley with small lit window and metal fire escape


This new world is dangerous, lonely, and scary.
Standing up to packs of Blasted has never been so risky. In spite of her visions, she can’t always tell where the next attack will occur. She needs help, even more so since the dice are loaded.

It happened a moment ago. There used to be four of them fighting the enemy, there’s only three now. They’re surrounded, trapped in a dreary place with no hope, with no choice but to surrender. Only one person can save them, the terrifying man who makes her heart skitter.

Rating: 5 stars


Mute Desire by Chris Lange is an absolute adventure from the first page to the very last, and makes you wish that there was more! The second book in The Blast series, I was absolutely stunned and did not want the book to end. I’m always leery of books in the middle of a series as they tend to be a little boring. They are always filler information while the reader waits for the juicy drama/end portions of the story. Lange does an absolutely PHENOMENAL job keeping my attention throughout the book and keeps me guessing at every turn of the page. It didn’t really seem like the second book in a series, nor did it feel like it while reading. It almost could have been a standalone novel if it weren’t for the connected storyline of the Blast, Cranium, and how the main characters are connected.

It was really cool to get more insight into Holly’s character in this novel. We still had cool notes from Kat’s father to read and wonder about, but it was amazing getting to know Holly and Bracken in this book. It not only gave the reader a fantastic, personal view of these characters and their connection, it pushes the plot of the entire series forward in a logical and entertaining fashion. I didn’t want to stop reading and wanted to know more about the relationship between Holly and Bracken, and the mystery behind the plot – how Kat’s father manipulated the events to ensure Kat and her group of miscreants would save the world. I need more!

Please read this book! It’ll give me more people to gush over how much I love this book and the entire series! I can’t wait until I read it again. I need more of this series and these characters! Damn you, Chris Lange, for creating such an addicting and AMAZING world to read about.

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