Masculinity Is Our Future



Masculinity has been invalidated and even seen as toxic for over four decades. However, a game-changing revolution is now underway. Inside this book is a ground-breaking, and all-inclusive understanding of what being masculine means. It destroys antiquated feminist stereotypes and demonstrates how manly traits are the world’s gold standard.

Based on years of study, hard data and cutting-edge research, these chapters offer uplifting insights about masculine definitions, understanding women, domestic violence, suicide, and rape.

These essays shine a light on the masculine virtues that liberate and protect our civilizations and they must be lionized, celebrated and valued. Human survival is at their mercy. It’s time that everyone witnesses the breathtaking future of these astounding qualities.

Millions of rebels, armchair enthusiast’s, and the general public have already risen in a counterculture movement. Are you ready to join the conversation?

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Masculinity Is Our Future, by Tim Patten, was a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be degrading to women and feminists everywhere. This was not the case at all. The book simply talks about men being proud of their masculinity and embracing it in a world has been oppressing men for years now. Patten talks about men being comfortable with sensitivity as well as what being a man entails. The breadwinner, tough guy, role model, and much more. He talks about men taking back the responsibility of being the father, taking care of his wife and kids, and making sure that his family has food in their belly and a roof over their heads. It’s encouraging how Patten works to empower men in a society that is predominantly against them. It’s inspiring, even for someone who isn’t part of the intended audience. Definitely a must read for everyone!

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