Short Read: Death’s Kiss

Death’s Kiss

His touch made her skin crawl. If there weren’t any cameras, Keira, would have felt goosebumps forming on her arms and a chill down her spine. She knew he was waiting…it was only a matter of time when she would be his.


Five months later, Keira woke up in a hospital not knowing where she was nor how she got there. Something told her she wasn’t safe. If she didn’t get up now, she would die without anyone ever knowing. Getting up, was harder than she thought. Her body wouldn’t budge an inch. Being 5’1 and weighing only 110 lbs, her body weight wasn’t keeping her from moving. She kept on pushing herself to move, nothing but sweat dripping down her forehead. She felt tired.

Where am I?

Kiera heard a door open, and she saw him. That same tall figure clothed in white doctor

robes. His face was looked hideous. Half of it was deformed. His eyes were a solid black color making it seem that nothing was there. Maybe, he didn’t have a soul. His walk featured a limp.

Who was he? Why was she here? What caused this man to look like that? 

He kept coming closer to her. All she could do was watch him limp towards her. That was when she noticed it. There was something in his hand…an object. It looked like a needle.

A blood curling scream left her lunges just as he stuck the needle in her arm. All went black.

She ended up falling down and causing for a bruise. He couldn’t use her if she was bruised. Another wasted body…if only she did not fall down. Time was not something he had. Drugs were easy to obtain. Being a doctor he had the access and means. Most of his patients were not aware of his stalking them or planning their deaths. He wanted to be known for his work. Making them like him…so that nobody could laugh at his half face. Anyone who laughed at him now, will pay. They’ll regret their laughter. While enjoys destroying what they have…


It has been two weeks since the dead woman’s body popped up on TV. She was drugged, rapped, and died at the hands of a serial killer. No one knew who was behind it nor why. But Maddie did. She knew the man who was evil enough to do those things and get away with it. Hell, he even had his own private hospital, where it looked normal to outsiders but was anything but that. It was known to the few survivors, if any, as the Kiss of Death.

The man had money and power. No one could defy him. He chose his victims. Once he chose you, you were stalked, photographed, followed and then somehow ended up in his hospital. Once there, victims had a no way out. At least not for any of the newer victims. Maddie was one of the earlier ones who managed to barely escape the lunatic’s hands. She almost died and ended up like that woman on TV. Maddie knew that the pyscho would still come after her, which was why she changed her legal name and appearance. She moved as many states away as she could in a place where no one would go unless, there were crazy or running away from death just like she was. Cats may have nine lives, but humans only get one. There was no way Maddie was going to put herself out in public’s eyes to help catch the psycho, who is now a loose serial killer. The woman on TV matched Maddie’s own looks and was body number eight.

Was he taunting her? Was he trying to say, I am still coming after you? You can’t hide forever.

Maddie shivered and turned the TV off. She had enough of the news. She had to concentrate on getting enough wood in her cabin for heat before the snow storm hit.


He’s still out there.

She’s still hiding.

Bodies are adding up and the deaths are getting closer …to where she lives.

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