Review: Snowed in for Christmas

Snowed in for Christmas (Holiday Acres, #2; Silver Bell Falls, #4; Pine Harbour, #8)






Three all-new holiday novellas about couples finding love while trapped together in the snow.

Stranded in the Snow (Holiday Acres, Book 2) by Noelle Adams

Olivia Holiday doesn’t expect to spend the weekend stranded in a romantic cottage during a snowstorm with the one man she dislikes the most. Scott is a player and holds a grudge against her family, and she’s determined not to give in to the deep feelings for him she’s been hiding.

A Christmas Rescue (Silver Bell Falls, Book 4) by Samantha Chase

Saving a litter of puppies right before Christmas was incredibly rewarding for Bailey Walsh. But getting snowed in with her sexy-yet-grinchy veterinarian boss turns out to be rewarding in a whole other way.

Love on the Edge of Reason (Pine Harbour, Book 8) by Zoe York

Tom Minelli doesn’t know why Chloe Davis has fled Pine Harbour, but she’s pregnant with his baby and he wants her back. But a winter storm rolls in just as he finds her, trapping them together in a cabin on the lake.

Rating: 5-stars


Snowed in for Christmas is a beautiful novella collection of romance and Christmas stories. I found each story sweet, engaging, and heartfelt.

It felt like I was there experiencing the magic of the moments along with the characters. Each characters has been holding back on their romantic/lustful feelings. It was funny to watch as those feelings blossomed. Strong willed, smart, and charming, these characters had a way of pulling me into their story.

These tales showed more than just people acting on their romantic feelings towards each other. It showed how personalities changed due to kindness. How helping others made for a better future…and how being selfless can bring better tidings and cheer to all.

I really liked how Samantha Chase wove the love of animals into her story. That one was my favorite. But each of these contemporary romance pieces were just as good as the one before it. Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers everywhere.

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