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In Tell Her No Lies, a new romantic suspense novel, talented author Kelly Irvin explores the question of what makes a family—nature or nurture?—in a fast-paced race to the truth.

As children, Nina Fischer and her sister were plucked from foster care in Florida and brought to Texas by a wealthy uncle they’d never met after their mother went to prison for selling drugs. Now, as an adult, Nina loves her adopted father and wants to please him, but she’s chosen her own career path as a photographer and poet—choices state district court judge Geoffrey Fischer can’t appreciate. When she finds him murdered in his study on a night they’re home alone, she’s the prime suspect and has to prove her innocence or face her own prison term. Is she her mother’s daughter, after all?

The two men in her life want to help, each for their own reasons. Can she trust her on-again, off-again boyfriend, attorney Rick Zavala, whose political aspirations seem more important than Nina’s tragic loss? Can she trust her friend, photographer Aaron McClure, or will he use their friendship to break the biggest news story of his career?

While cleaning out her father’s things, Nina discovers a box of old letters and photos, revealing the secrets her father had been concealing for so long. When her biological mother makes an appearance at Geoffrey Fischer’s funeral and asks to be welcomed back into her daughters’ lives, Nina is even more determined to find the truth about her past. Following the evidence leads her on a journey of discovery about her father’s shocking masquerade as a law-abiding, family-loving Christian. Unlocking these secrets could prove deadly, but it’s the only way Nina will ever be able to trust love again.

Rating: 4-stars


Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin is a great suspenseful tale. I was thrusted into a young woman’s dark life. Her own biological parents were bad. She and her sister were adopted by a district judge and his wife. They gave the girls a life that any child would want. However, now, that father is dead. Nina was home when her father was shot in his office study. No breakin and no fowl play make her the prime suspect. Yet she won’t let the homicide detectives or media journalists make her feel worried. She knows she did not do it. But the question then, was who out of the people her and her father knew that would kill him. And why? Those questions alone raised goosebumps on my arms. Chills raced down my back.

I felt an instant connection to the daughter of the now dead judge. It felt like no one but one friend believed in her innocence. There are two men trying for her attention. One seeks the same position as her father once had. And the other wants her for all the right reasons. But he doesn’t want to push her. Nina will have a hard time in proving her innocence and avoiding the dangers ahead. Plus, navigating the chase of two men.

I enjoyed reading this romantic mystery. There was the strong theme of believing in God and trusting him for everything. I liked how clean the plot was. Kelly Irvin gave enough details to picture the scenes and feel like I was right there. But not too much to give me nightmares at night. This novel was an easy read. Overall, I recommend it to all.


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