Review: Dog Eared

Dog Eared: A Year's Romp Through the Self-Publishing World





During a yearlong office-cleaning project the author reflects on his life as a writer and as a reader, addressing several themes: the place of physical books in an ever-increasing digital age, the impact of social media on publishing’s rapidly-changing landscape, the skill set an author needs to survive in today’s publishing world, and the author’s own measured transition from traditional author to independent author/publisher. This is no armchair account of an author’s bookish world however. You’ll travel the length of the country as you follow the author as he writes, publishes, and promotes his work. Along the way you’ll find out other things about him, like why his high school girlfriend dumped him after she gave him a copy of Herman Hesse’s Narcissus and Goldmund; why he has all the Writer’s Destiny Marks except one; and why Exercise Rule #39 doesn’t always work for him.

Rating: 3.5-stars


Dog Eared by W. Nikola-Lisa is an accurate description of a writer’s journey. The book was easy to read. However, it didn’t have much to offer an interested other than telling what a writer’s life in publishing was like for this one writer. I found it lacking. I was expecting a book full of more advice or lessons learned from a writer. Yet all I got was just an everyday life tale.

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