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The Rain Watcher








The first new novel in four years from the beloved superstar author of Sarah’s Key, a heartbreaking and uplifting story of family secrets and devastating disaster, in the tradition of THE NEST.

The Rain Watcher is a powerful family drama set in Paris as the Malegarde family gathers to celebrate the father’s 70th birthday. Their hidden fears and secrets are slowly unraveled as the City of Light undergoes a stunning natural disaster. Seen through the eyes of charismatic photographer Linden Malegarde, the youngest son, all members of the family will have to fight to keep their unity against tragic circumstances.

In this profound and intense novel of love and redemption, De Rosnay demonstrates all of her writer’s skills both as an incredible storyteller but also as a soul seeker.

Rating: 4-stars


The Rain Watcher by Tatiana de Rosnay is a book about a family that has its own secrets. Fears keep them apart. Always wondering, always on defense…until tragedy strikes and is left bare. There is no turning back. The story was deep. It was one big emotional rollercoaster ride. I was not sure where it would end nor how. The pacing was too slow for me. Other than that, it was a good read. Love and family were major themes explored here. It was rather heartbreaking from beginning to end.


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