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On Magnolia Lane







From the bestselling author of The Convenient Groom (now a beloved Hallmark Original movie) comes the final book in Hunter’s Blue Ridge Romance series.

Pastor Jack McReady has secretly carried a torch for Daisy for two long years. She’s a member of his congregation, after all, and she’ll never see him as more than a trusted counselor. Jack’s best friend Noah has taken every opportunity to encourage his lovesick friend, but when Noah catches wind that Daisy has joined an online dating site, he takes matters into his own hands and orchestrates a meet-cute of the most unconventional kind.

Owner of the local flower shop, Daisy Pendleton is content with her small-town life, but she’d sure like someone to share it with. After several disastrous first dates, she’s about to give up—and then she finds a seemingly wonderful man online. Daisy gets to know TJ through a series of messages but finds herself spending more time with Pastor Jack outside of the church at the same time. What she doesn’t know is that her online prospect and Jack are one and the same.

Just as Daisy’s love life starts to look promising, a mysterious woman appears in town. Daisy is faced with a revelation about her family that turns her world upside down, and she looks to both TJ and Jack for help.

Jack must find a way to reveal himself as her online suitor without breaking her heart and losing her trust. As Daisy faces Jack’s betrayal, she’ll have to learn to extend grace to herself, her family, and the man she’s grown to love.

Rating: 4-stars


On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter is another incredible journey. One full of second chances, hope, and love. A love that was sown early on has only grown more deeply.  But the timing was off…and now, it might just be the right time. But secrets, deceptions, and lack of trust block the road way.

The characters were inspiring. They devout their lives to doing what’s right and yet sometimes, they fall hard. It felt so real. It was like seeing them in person and knowing them for years. The protagonists had flaws that made them pop out to me.

This contemporary romance explored the human heart. The bonds of trust that are created and broken depended on their actions. Each choice had its own consequence. Some worth taking others not so. But learning to find themselves and learning to open up was beautifully done. I enjoyed reading this book.




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