Review: The Con Case

The Con Case (Alice White, Investigator)






Daring law firm investigator, Alice White, enters the glamorous world of high society in 1950s New York City to take on a gang of confidence artists whose vicious leader has recruited an innocent young man and framed him for a brutal murder to insure his loyalty. Can she beat the boss at his own game, con him out of a fortune, free the youth, and hang the leader in his own frame, without getting herself, the young man, or his girlfriend killed?

Rating: 5-stars


The Con Case by March Hirsh is another superb adventure. Mystery, law, and suspense are displayed here. Alice White is a young woman juggling her academics and career like any other normal human being. But what makes her stand out is the way she solves crimes. She is always fighting crime with determination, strength, and intellect. It was hard not to love her. Alice just has a luring personality that brought me into her story. Marc Hirsh captivated me with his words. I was instantly lost as I followed Alice through another law/criminal case. Danger and threats are sure to follow wherever Alice went. Overall, I recommend this mystery read to all.

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