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Sean O’Shea is ready to write his next thriller. He decides to research the origins of Eastern European superstitions and prove they are based in fact. He’s about to learn the unfortunate truth.

Meanwhile, lunatic Craig Breedlove, serial killer extraordinaire, escapes from the Winnebago Mental Health Institute. He has a new target in mind. The horrendous, despicable priest scandals were only made possible by the enabling of Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. These cover-uppers are his new targets.

How will these stories merge and will an unlikely hero come forth?

Vampires, a serial killer, immoral priests and unconscionable enablers, who are the real monsters?

Rating: 5-stars


Real Monsters by Brian Gallagher is an interesting twist on myths, legends, and thrillers. I found myself captivated by this tale. It starts off as the protagonists revisits a memory from childhood. One that horrified him as a child. But now, he’s interested in pursuing the history of the tale his grandfather once told him. Is the story more fiction or was his grandfather telling the truth? That question was set upon me by this writer. The more I read, the more intrigued I became. Curiosity sparked my attention. I wanted to know what Sean O’Shea would encounter on his long journey and where his new book would go.

Brian Gallagher creates an atmosphere where one’s imagination can travel in multiple directions. It left me wondering and pondering what would happen next. Suspenseful, engaging, and a bit eerie-Real Monsters, kept me hooked.  The characters also added in this mixture of humor and authenticity, making this more three-dimensional. Sean O’Shea is still by far my favorite character of all.



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