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Ben Zelig thinks he has his life all figured out. Graduate from rabbinical school. Get hired by a spiritually enriched community. Meet a nice Jewish girl and start a family. Simple, right? Naturally, nothing goes according to plan, but life can still work out as long as you have Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants.

Herb Freed, the author of the timeless love story Bashert, is back with a collection of five short stories about the smart, witty, spiritual and, according to his mother, handsome, Rabbi Ben Zelig. In five stories about a rabbi’s life, Zelig navigates romance, family ties, colorful congregants and the meaning of faith. We follow him through the decades as master storyteller Freed takes us from humor to pathos and back again in an uplifting examination of what it means to be human.

Rating: 4-stars


Love, Faith, and a Pair of Pants by Herb Freed is a journey of faith, humor, love, and forgiveness. It reminded me that even when at our worst points, we can still hold on and survive. A young rabbi finds his way through indecision and finds the rewarding life of being a Jewish rabbi. He journey starts out like any other journey. One of worry, indecision, and loss. But he keeps on moving, praying, and hoping for the best. He meets all kinds of people. From the most unChristian like to other Jewish people. Ben treated all of the different people with respect. At first, he felt angry and confused. But he grew as a man and as a young rabbi. Wisdom is something we learn from experiences and not just from books. His Jewish faith kept him going forward. His future not set in stone. I enjoyed his journey. It was entertaining. The pages showed loss, grief, love, and healing. Overall, I would recommend this story to all readers.


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