Review: Seasons of an Amish Garden

Seasons of an Amish Garden






Enjoy a year of beautiful seasons in this new story collection, as young Amish couples manage a community garden and harvest friendships and love along the way.

Spring Is in the Air 

As the young people of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, plant a garden in memory of their friend, Katie Ann begins to worry that her older brother, Ephraim, is dating her best friend. What if she somehow loses them both? But Christian, a new boy in the community, also works in the garden—and falling for him may be exactly the distraction, and lesson, that Katie Ann needs.

Home by Summer 

Clara Hertzler is surprised when Jerry Petersheim, her old friend, comes to the garden to drop off his younger sister—especially because Jerry has been gone for years, and now seems to be living as an Englisher. As the friends get to know each other again, Clara pushes Jerry to examine why he abandoned his Amish beliefs. Will Clara help Jerry renew his faith in God, and will they find love beneath the summer sun?

The Fruits of Fall 

Tena Speicher has come to live in Bird-in-Hand after her fiancé left her for an English woman. When a homeless veteran comes to the fruit stand one day and asks for food, Tena is not sure how to respond—but Wayne intervenes and offers to let him stay in the barn. Afraid to trust Englishers, Tena must learn, with Wayne’s help, that everyone is a child of God and deserving of kindness.

Winter Blessings 

Ephraim and Mandy have dated for some time and now have plans to marry. But after a series of unexpected events and misunderstandings, they wonder if they should go their separate ways. What will happen when their friends at the Amish garden conspire to bring them back together?

Rating: 5-stars


Seasons of an Amish Garden by Amy Clipston is another outstanding read. I couldn’t get enough of the characters. Inside this collection, I had four amazing stories. Each one featured a character from the previous story. I liked how each friend went through similar problems but went about them differently. Every character had a different personality and way of handling things that didn’t make plots boring. Then, there was the emotional attachment to the protagonists, as well as the ones created by the writer’s words. I fell in love hard and fast.

Sweet, heartfelt, and clean, Amy Clipston has won over my heart and soul with this Amish collection. As with any Christian fiction, there were many lessons, morals, and more Pennsylvania Dutch to learn. It was perfect.  Themes of friendships, friends to lovers, and finding their Amish faith again was fun to follow. Overall, I highly recommend this book to all readers.

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