Review: Thomas Wildus and The Book of Sorrows

Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows






Magic is real, Thomas. No matter what happens, always remember that magic is real.

Seven years have passed, and Thomas hasn’t forgotten. He hasn’t forgotten the blue of his dad’s eyes either, or the tickle of beard on his cheek as they hugged goodbye. Last moments with a parent are memorable, even if you don’t know that’s what you’re having at the time.

Now, with his 13th birthday rapidly approaching, Thomas’s search for magic is about to take a radical and unexpected turn. At an out-of-the-way shop filled with dusty leather books, a strange little man with gold-flecked eyes offers him an ancient text called The Book of Sorrows. The price is high and the rules are strict, but there’s no way Thomas can resist the chance to look inside.

With the mysterious book guiding the way, a strange new world is revealed – a world in which Thomas has a name and destiny far more extraordinary than he ever imagined. But time is short. Even as Thomas uncovers his secret family history, enemies emerge, threatening to end his rise to power and destroy everything he holds dear.

Rating: 5-stars


Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by J.M. Bergen is amazing. I loved the mystery. There was enough to keep me guessing all the way. The plot held some unexpected twists and that made me enjoy the story even more. Thomas is a unique kid who has a great mom. He is suddenly plunged into a world he knew nothing about and has a lot of responsibilities are now weighed upon his shoulders. It was fun, entertaining, and filled with plenty of action. J.M. Bergen knew how to maintain my attention and grab with such details. If you love YA, magic, and adventure-then this is the book for you!


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