Review: Women, Rise Up!

Women, Rise Up!: A Fierce Generation Taking Its Place in the World






God has gifted women with beautiful and unique calls on their lives. Unfortunately, many never step into their roles because of doubt, discrimination, fear, and insecurity. But in a world fraught with gender and relationship issues, the gifts and voices of women are needed more than ever.

In this fully revised and updated edition of her breakthrough book, Women of Destiny, bestselling author and speaker Cindy Jacobs reveals the biblical foundation for women in ministry and leadership. Through sharing her own story, successes, and failures, she speaks to the doubts, fears, and insecurities women have about stepping up and speaking out.

She shows how to navigate discrimination with grace, strength, and
confidence, and she empowers women everywhere to press into God
to discover their unique purpose. Whether you step across the street or into a new role altogether, you can serve God faithfully, love others boldly, and change the world around you.

Rating: 5-stars


Women, Rise Up! by Cindy Jacobs is a refresher for women everywhere. The book guides us, women, back into the Christian fold. Showing and telling us how to live as Christians. Quotes from the Bible are seen throughout the book. But they do not overwhelm the author’s main purpose. Women are to rise up, and be demonstrators or influencers of good deeds. Sure, we are all human so, yes, mistakes do happen. The writer/speaker keeps her words real by saying after we have gone through the pain, anger, and sorrow stages, we need to learn how to forgive. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to accomplish. We all have been hurt big and small times many times over. But in the end, we must move forward, and to do that-we are to forgive. Just like the Bible tells us. There were many other motivational and inspiring messages throughout this book. I really enjoyed reading this Christian book and will keep reading it over time. Overall, this is a must read for all women.

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