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How long will Edna have to wait for the love of her life?

For years, Edna Miller has found herself drawn to Emery Hoschtettler with an attraction she can explain no better than she can put a stop to it. Other suitors come and go, but none make her feel the way she feels around Emery—that incredible floating feeling, as if she was walking on air, mixed with a painful desperation to be ever nearer to him. Despite the fact that Emery seldom seems to pay her much attention, she decides it would be unfair to marry anyone else when her heart longs only for him. He hasn’t seriously dated anyone else either, so perhaps he’s just waiting for the right time to ask her . . .

By the time Edna is twenty-nine, most of her family and friends have given up hope of her ever marrying. Why she didn’t give that nice man Jonathan more of a chance was beyond them. Sure, he had a bit of a limp from the tractor accident, but he was kind as could be, not to mention wealthy. Was she so vain that she could only judge based on outward appearances? Well then, she could go ahead and be a maud for the rest of her life, cooking and cleaning for other families.

When Emery finally asks Edna out, she can hardly contain her joy. Everything is coming together—God is rewarding her patience! Her family will understand why she could never settle for anyone else.

But what if Emery isn’t the man Edna was so sure he was? Is there something he’s hiding, or is Edna simply unable to accept true love after so many years of waiting? Would God really lead her all this way, just to leave her alone again?

Rating: 3.5-stars


A Second Chance by Linda Byler holds powerful messages for all Christians. I enjoyed following Edna. She was a young woman of my own age, single, and a hard-worker. Her heart is made of gold. She loved helping other families with the arrival of a newborn. Edna handles those tasks well. Even if the parents, grandparents, and and older children gave her hell. There were times, Edna really had to pray to God to give her strength. There were moments I thought for sure she wouldn’t bite her tongue and tell them all exactly what they needed to hear. But Edna proved to be a strong character. However, the whole novel, Edna’s life, was dragged out too much.

It felt too slow. Yes, I saw and understand Edna’s work , and her frustration of being a maed, a single 20-year-old woman, in her community. But it gave me more than what I needed. It was like the author had to add extra stuffing to a book that would have been fine without it. From the beginning to end, I felt exhausted. I kept waiting for it to sped up and the plot never did. Therefore, it only received 3.5 stars from me. Also, it didn’t have that oh my gosh this was so good factor. Usually, I fall immediately in love with an Amish novel. That didn’t happen this time. Reading A Second Chance felt more like a chore than an enjoyable reading material. Overall, this Amish romance novel read more like a clean women’s fiction book than a romance.

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