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The ultimate breakthrough in power technology has simultaneously been made on Earth and on a distant alien world; both separated by uncountable millions of light years. The technology promises complete unrestricted access to the purest, most powerful source of clean, renewable and unlimited energy – finally making a true ‘green energy’ revolution possible. It is set to change everything forever. Yet, those that are in power are determined to stop it before it does anything.

But on a backwater moon, something else is discovered. Something unexpected, that would not only change the destiny of worlds but that of the entire Universe itself.

Rating: 5 stars


The Light by James T. Crichton is a great SciFi fantasy novel that brings out the old and creates a new phrase to love for a long time to come. Highly toxic wastes….leaving behind barren dead places…and an energy from an unusual mineral to fuel starships and households everywhere. War…clean energy alternatives…and space travel are just a few adventures held within this stunning piece. I am not a huge fan of science fiction fantasy yet this novel, The Light, caught my attention and held me captive until the ending. There’s a goal to find a cleaner energy and with the help of the advancement in  technology the possibilities are endless. James T. Crichton brings a lot of action, suspense, and alien worlds. A father alone with his kids when alarms go off setting off his world into a panic of worry and trouble. The characters dilemmas became my own as I the plot switched from two different scenarios and continued to thicken with an intensity that automatically pulled me in with every page. The fndings of a prototype Reactor…is what a creature has searched for…whether it finds it or not is up to readers to find out on their own…I can definitely see this novel turned into a movie. The ending…left so much to wonder about…Overall, I highly recommend this brilliant tale to readers everywhere.


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