Review: Nicholas-Lord of Secrets

Nicholas: Lord of Secrets (Lonely Lords, #2)





Nicholas Haddonfield has something to hide…

After a wild youth, Nicholas Haddonfield, Viscount Reston, has promised his ailing father he’ll finally take a bride, though doing so will force Nick to make impossible choices and face old, painful wounds.

Leah Lindsey is glad to find refuge from her own desperate situation in a marriage of convenience with the gallant viscount. But soon convenience is not enough, and Leah can’t understand why Nick remains so distant. What is he hiding, and will he ever allow her into his heart?

An extraordinary and passionate tale of courage tested and fears overcome. Once you enter the lush Regency world of award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes, you’ll never want to leave.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Nicholas: Lord of Secrets by Grace Burrowes is an engaging historical read. This journey was filled with so many emotions. From funny to sweet, to sexy and fearful, this book had it all. I felt a connection to the characters instantly. They were so likable. At times, I wish I could shake them, other times I wanted to hug them. I could not put this book down. It was entertaining.

A young man whose father is an earl was dying. He made his son promise to find a bride before he died. And Nicholas did just that. But Nicholas also found a woman in distress and feels it’s his duty to keep her safe. To him, that means marrying her. But she doesn’t want Nicholas to marry her just to keep her safe. However, with her cruel father forcing her to marry to much worse, Leah has no other options. In the meantime, both she and Nicholas find themselves falling for cupid’s arrow. It can either break them or fix everything in their world. Overall, I loved it. Grace Burrowes has a way with creating the most interesting characters. Plus, there’s a soft side to the new earl and a secret he hasn’t even shared with his sisters that I loved. To find out, grab a copy of Nicholas: Lord of Secret!

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