Review: Douglas-Lord of Heartache

Douglas: Lord of Heartache (Lonely Lords, #8)






Gwen Hollister, cousin to the Marquis of Heathgate, has fashioned a life as a poor relation, raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on stewarding the estate they live on. Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, is sent to Gwen by their mutual relations for lessons in husbandry of the land. Only because Douglas rescues Gwen’s daughter from certain peril, does Gwen accept the task. As Douglas and Gwen find common ground, and then mutual pleasure, Gwen’s past rises up in the person of the powerful Duke of Moreland, who’s bent on wresting control of Rose from her mother, even if it means Gwen must marry the Moreland heir.

Rating: 4-stars


Douglas: Lord of Heartache by Grace Burrowes is an entertaining historical novel. A young man who has the heart of gold, is left as an orphan. He is so lonely he doesn’t realize it until he meets, Gwen. Gwen is a woman of means who left society due to having a child out-of-wedlock. Or at least, she thinks it was out of wedlock. Gwen ended up having her daughter and raising her alone on a family plot. There she and her daughter learned to love the land and animals. But both of them are lonely. With Amery coming into their lives everything is shaken, turned inside out, and pieced together again. Amery, Gwen, and her daughter are in for surprises.

Grace Burrowes brings juicy plots filled with secrets, risks, and lust. Themes of family, hope, and second chances are found here, too. I loved the sexy Viscount and Gwen’s little girl. Such innocence and sweetness tore into my heart. I fell in love with them all.  Even the one bad guy, had a redeeming quality in the end. I recommend this novel to all readers.


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