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“We’re coming to help.”

That’s the message humanity receives from the depths of space.
The senders, calling themselves the Ankor, claim a colossal gamma ray burst from a supernova will engulf the Earth in less than a year, sterilising all life.

But they provide no proof … only demands that all countries must prepare to build an enormous shield in orbit around the Earth.

Francis MacKenzie, industrialist and private owner of the UK’s only satellite launch facility, says there’s no alternative but to accept the Ankor position and mobilise immediately.

Tim Boston is not convinced the Ankor can be trusted but as a divisional head in MacKenzie’s flagship bioengineering company, he won’t risk biting the hand that feeds him. Samantha Turner may do though, despite her ongoing commitment to Tim not to cause trouble.

Rating: 4-stars


Immortal by Nick M. Lloyd is a science fiction fantasy novel that shows what companies are like with people’s data privacy information. The selling of this data privacy to third parties is no secret to people anymore. But putting a stop to it proves difficult. Money, greed, and corruption are always behind the motivation for it. Then, there’s the issue of immortality and perfect health. Of course everyone wants to live…and live in good health. But there are costs involved. Just how much is too much?

Another point in this creative novel, Immortal, was the introduction to a cryptic message to humans by aliens. This brought into question whether aliens existed or not. And if they did, then what are the humans going to do about the message?  There was a threat and danger exposed that intensified the plot. It was on the spot and almost random. It was intriguing.

There was this love triangle as the blurb suggested. I kept asking myself why was it too late for Tim. Did he ever try to proclaim his feelings or did he just give up way too easily? I could feel this protectiveness he has for the other main character, Sam. Sam seemed likeable enough. She’s beautiful, smart, and outspoken. Her current relationship was a disaster for all involved. Tim at times wished the other guy wouldn’t be with Sam. But with their project just starting he wanted Sam to keep staying with the other man. This showed that Tim like most of the cast was human too. He could be jealous and selfish at times. Which also left me wondering did he even deserve a chance with Sam…

Can you imagine the whole planet being at risk to be destroyed by aliens?

Nick M. Lloyd brilliantly wove major topics into his splendid space sci-fi novel. I wasn’t sure at all how it would work out, yet it did. It captured my interest from the first chapter and held it until the end. The book dug dig, was thought provoking, and suspenseful. I highly recommend Immortal to all readers, even if sci-fi fantasy isn’t one’s cup of tea. This story will surprise you. Plenty of action, surprises, and plot twists that kept me entertained.


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