Review: Climax in Paris

Climax in Paris: A Second Chance at Love Romance (The Forever Promise Book 3)





Love’s a gamble, why not go all in?

There was only an entire ocean between us. Actually, time zones too.
We were both at the epitome of our careers. We were both in love with each other and equally in love with our fame.

Crazy how we met right at the beginning of our journeys. Right on that very first day our eyes met — It was love at first sight. And now, for a whole year, I won’t get to see him. He’ll be on the road, and I’ll be performing on tour.

He’s willing to do anything to keep us together and anything else to keep me satisfied. Darius, that’s so sweet. Knowing you can still make me want you so much from across the whole damned globe.

But come on baby, are we really gunna make this work?

“For you my love, anything.”

Rating: 3-stars


Climax in Paris by Allie Hayden brings readers a wild sex craved journey. Long distances did a damper on their sex life. It just did not give the book the vibe it would have like similar novels. The characters were dramatic, naive at times, and distant from each other. I did not feel that automatic pull that two crazy in love birds would have. Instead, it was flat. The book provided graphic well-detailed sex. The plot had more than the necessary details. It came out too much, too strong, and lost my interest. However, there was this tiny thread keeping them coming towards each other. That thread kept me interested.  Also, their relationship doesn’t have that needed start nor the ingredients to keep this relationship of theirs really believable. At some point, I wondered if it was dragged out to see if they could survive the distance between them. Overall, there was some promising bits but it got buried with the stretching of this relationship.

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