Review: Love on an Italian Lake

Love on an Italian Lake: Is this one romance or three?






Juliet Arden has won a debut writer’s award and, funded by her prize money and an Aunt’s legacy, she flies off with her sister, Samantha, for a holiday on an Italian Lake. At first, nervously suffering writer’s block, she is soon back in full flow, only occasionally interrupted by her sister’s blossoming romance with a local Italian. That, and thoughts of the man she met at the award presentation… the second prize winner but strangely first in her mind.

Rating: 4-stars


Love on an Italian Lake by Kate Fitzroy is an entertaining romantic tale. All fans of Susan Mallery, Susan Wiggs, and Debbie Macomber will enjoy this women’s fiction piece. It was indeed short, quick, and filled with humor along the way. Two sisters, one more adapt to writing than dating is finally finding herself back in the dating pool. A handsome nerdy writer has got her completely off guard. Juliet isn’t sure what to make of their meeting just yet. But she is headed for a romantic journey. The other sister, Sam, was more outspoken and worldly. She completed her sister, Juliet, in ways that Juliet lacked. More of a social butterfly, Sam enjoys teasing her sister. But life has its surprises…

Love on an Italian Lake was sweet, heartfelt, and intriguing. I enjoyed reading it. Kate Fitzroy lost me within the beginning. I was hooked. The story was good, well-written, and believable. It all felt so real. Overall, I recommend this contemporary book to all.

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