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Train I Ride





Rydr is on a train heading east, leaving California, where her gramma can’t take care of her anymore, and traveling to Chicago to live with an unknown relative. She brings with her a suitcase, memories both happy and sad, and a box containing something very important.

As Rydr meets her fellow passengers and learns their stories, her own past begins to emerge. And as much as Rydr may want to forget about her life in California, on the train she finds that maybe her past can help her deal with her present. And maybe hope and forgiveness are all around her and, most important, within her, if she’s willing to look for it.

Rating: 5-stars


Train I Ride by Paul Mosier is a beautifully written children’s book. I felt the emotions from Rydr as the came. Fear, uncertainty, loss, and grief were mixed into every scene. But there were moments of hope, smiles, and some laughter too. A young girl lost her mother and never had her father, is being sent to an unknown relative. It was easy to understand how Rydr felt. No one really bothered to see how she was doing or what she thought. Just wanted her sent away and as the journey took off, there were many passengers to see and explore. Along the way, Rydr’s walls began to fall and she let in those around her. Trust is huge. Hope was bigger than Rydr’s imagination could go. But in the end, healing found its way into her heart. Overall, this was an entertaining story deep with heartfelt concerns.

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