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Threads in Time





Twenty-two-year-old Lyndall Huxley wakes to find herself thousands of years into the future. Something went wrong with the programme for which she volunteered – a programme that employs Einstein’s laws of relativity to send travellers forward in time. The ruins overrun by green woodland in which she wakes are a far cry from the urbanised world she left behind in the 2200’s. Lyndall embarks upon a journey that will leave her questioning her very identity. She must choose between the new life that beckons and the old life from which, even thousands of years later, she cannot escape. She will discover that the mission was never about sending people into the future. Much more is at stake.

Rating: 5-stars


Threads in Time by Hannah De Giorgis is a fascinating fantasy. A journey that captivated my attention immediately. So much rides on this epic travel by the main character. Choices have to made. With every choice comes a risk or price to pay. I was constantly surprised and entertained as I followed young Lyndall through time and space. The themes were impressive. This is better than any Star Wars movie. So much action, adventure, heartfelt issues, and more. Lies, betrayal, trust, and hope are tied into one well-written novel. Hannah De Giorgis had me hooked. I kept wondering what would happen next and where it would leave Lyndall. Overall, I recommend this to all fantasy, space, and time travel readers.

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