Review: A Reluctant Belle

Reluctant Belle (Daughtry House #2)





With the Civil War over, Mississippi Belle Joelle Daughtry wants to establish a school to teach freed slaves. But she might have to form an alliance with her childhood nemesis and reveal her deepest secret to make changes in her world and her heart.

Rating: 5-stars


A Reluctant Belle by Beth White is a charming tale. Both hero and heroine will face challenging obstacles that lead them to their fates. Danger, risks, and embarrassment follow as one of them writes under a pen name. But soon, a ratty yet noisy woman lets out the secret and the anonymity is gone. I was rooting for the protagonists each step of the way. They made me laugh, cry, and fall hopelessly in love with them both. Their actions spoke loudly of who they were. And because of that, I liked them even more so. Government and slavery made for great risky scenes. So much was happening, so many routes these characters could have taken. I almost thought it was too late for both. But there plot twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat. Held in my breath, waiting for the ending…it was beautiful. Overall, I highly recommend this writer’s book. A historical novel meant to be read by all. Lessons in life could be learned from reading this.


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