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About the Author

She was born into a spiritual family, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From an early age, due to her extreme sensitivity, she has been in contact with the spiritual world. Throughout my existence, with the help of her spirit friends, she has developed her psychic abilities—learning how to use this gift to benefit others. In the year of 1998, she was inspired by the spirit Andorra, who used her psychographics and clairvoyance abilities, to write her first romance.

The responsibility of the spiritual work is enormous, and for this reason, she hopes to continue to be deserving of the gift of receiving stories that talk about life and death, trying in some way to help those who go through hardships, giving them patience, understanding, and resignation. Along these years, she has had many experiences with her spiritual friends, so she’s very grateful for all this time they’ve been together and united in the happiness of serving for the good of all.


Author Interview

UBR:  Can you briefly tell us, readers, what your debut novel, When Nothing Matters, is about?

VL: When Nothing Matters is an epic story based in the second half of the XIX century, at the time of slavery in Brazil. In a drama of hate and love, spiritual and mundane, arrogance and humility, insanity and wisdom, revenge and forgiveness, revolt and resignation, fear and faith, disillusion and hope, the hand of fate, reaches the characters involved in this story, bringing opportunities for learning and redemption. The novel leads us to reflections that couldn’t be more contemporary, about us, human beings… our feelings, our free will, and the consequences of our choices during the challenging and beautiful journey of our lives.

UBR: What would you like readers to take with them after reading your book?

VL: I would like them to have a profound reflection about the life and death, especially in what really matters to them in their lives.

UBR: Who were your hardest characters to create and which ones were your easiest?

VL: Well, it is an interesting question. But first, I should explain how this book was written. I am a medium. I experienced contact with spirits since my childhood. In 1998, Andorra, my spiritual guide that has accompanied me since I was born, started channeling scenes in my mind as if I were seeing a movie. This experience continued to repeat itself, giving rise to novels including, “When Nothing Matters.”

All my novels had already been written in the spirit world. My role was only to be the channel of Andorra’s ideas, trying to express her story in the best way I could. So, when I begin to write, I have no idea of the story, where or when it takes place, what the characters will be like…

Sometimes I wanted to change the narrative or the attitude of the characters, but I couldn’t, for I had no control over the scenes, the characters, or any part of the plot. This way, everything ends up being a great discovery for me as the entire plot is revealed.

UBR: What are three words you would use to describe your novel?

VL: Love, Faith and Forgiveness.

UBR:  What are your three tips that you would give to other writers?

VL: a) Always let your heart to guide you when you are writing, living, loving…
b) Never lose your faith and be persistent. Before all and everyone, you are the only
person who believes in your dream, and to transform it into reality you have a long way
to undergo. And, it is part of the mystery and the beauty of life.
c) Be truthful. Be kind. Be a better person every day. Help the people that cross your path.
Love your family and friends. Follow your principles, whatever it costs. Life is a
blessing, enjoy each one of your days with joy and confidence.

UBR: What are your future plans for novels, if any, that you can share with us readers?

VL: My future is today. Tomorrow belongs to God…

Today I am working on my next novel with my daughter Rosana Lopes. This story stopped to be channeled to me fifteen years ago, when I had to treat a brain aneurysm. Despite everything, sustained by an unwavering faith I passed through many challenges until today, to handle all difficulties derived from the surgery and from the medicines used to control my severe disease.

Now, the story came to live again, and Rosana will continue to write the novel with Andorra, under my supervision. The drama will take place in England, in late XIX century, and tells the story of a prestigious family Smith. The power, influence and wealth of this family were known all over the country. However, a great mystery involved the name of the family, the disappearance of Alice Smith, the youngest daughter of the earl Jacob Smith, and the countess Emily Smith.

UBR: Where can readers connect with you and find your work online?

VL: You may find my books on:

Will be a pleasure connect with my readers. Please, you can find/follow me on:

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