Review: Warlocks

Warlocks (A Hand Of Magic #2)





The Wizards want something from Madison, and she suspects it is more than just her healing power. A healer must always answer the call to cure, but this time that response means she has to leave her sexy Alpha mate and face the wizards without him. As the Wizards’ plot is revealed, all were-animals are placed in an ages-old danger. Will she be able to rescue her lover and the other animals, or will she fail them? The second book in the series combines sizzle, magic, and danger, in a delicious triangle you do not want to miss!

Rating: 5-stars


Warlocks by Diane Moat is the most intriguing paranormal romance. The story continues in this second book, with the main character fighting the battle against the wizards. The ones she loves and cares for are in danger. As always, she goes out on her own to fight her enemies. I liked that she is determined and brave enough to fight for what she wants. Safety for those she knows comes with risks. The battle is not an easy one. The enemies grow and are fiercer than before. The unpredictability grows with every page. Suspense becomes more intense as the character launches herself into danger. Risks come with every action. Diane Moat creates a world in which readers got lost within and one that they don’t want to stop reading. Addictive, epic, and powerfully written, Warlocks is a must read for all.

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