Review: My Name is Curly

My Name Is Curly





Curly the dog is born in a barn, surrounded by his parents and siblings. But when a day of boredom prompts him to explore the nearby woods, he soon finds himself lost. Alone and scared, Curly attracts the attention of a sympathetic raccoon, who decides to help Curly find his way. What other friends will Curly make on his adventure? Can he find a forever home? Author Andi C. Kryszak imagines her own rescue dog’s early life in this hopeful story, which is brought to life by Grace C. Schlea’s expressive, cheerful illustrations.

Rating: 5-stars


My Name is Curly by Andi C. Kryszak is a fun adventure with a dog name Curly. One day he decides to leave his home and roam the woods. He soon becomes lost and meets a raccoon. Both of them look for Curly’s way home. However, neither knew how to get there. Their adventure takes them places. It is there that Curly’s fate is decided. This tale was adorable. Rhyming and colorful pictures too, this book was a good read. Children of all ages will be entertained.  I loved the farmer’s name. I know for a fact kids will get a kick out of that. Overall, I highly recommend this children’s book to all.

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