Review: Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait






Could Laura’s attempt to rebuild an entire campus be the reason for her destroyed relationships?

Abigail and Bree made it through their freshman year with the help of their devoted best friend, Laura Chase.

Only wanting to help her friends and her community, Laura lands a job at the college radio station as the first female DJ in over a decade. But even the best of intentions can come with a price. As Laura attempts to bring her friends peace, she uncovers further lies and deceptions. Could a costly cover-up hurt her friends even more than the Campus Creeper did?

What Laura doesn’t know is that, while she has been faithfully watching out for others, someone has finally noticed her. Will Laura’s new romance be the root cause of a divided campus, or will her alliances bring together a university that has lived in fear for over a year?

Join Laura and her friends at Onondaga State University as they wash their hands of their unforgettable freshman year and enter their sophomore year a bit wiser and with something to prove.

Rating: 5-stars


Lying in Wait by Laurel Ostiguy is a quick paced contemporary novel. Instantly, I was introduced to the characters, the danger, and the romance. It was entertaining. I was hooked. Normally, writers give a lot more background before introducing readers to the story. That was not the case here. Laurel Ostiguy does not waste a reader’s time. My attention was caught from the first page to the last. The entire book had me on edge. I loved it. The characters had a lot to risk and were not sure of what the outcomes would be. Neither did I. But they were strong and fought right back. This is the third book in the series. While this is the first book I have read in the series, I could easily follow the plot line and enjoy the story as it unfolded. Overall, Lying in Wait is a great read.

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