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Yours Truly, Thomas





For three years, Penny Ercanbeck has been opening other people’s mail. Dead ends are a reality for clerks at the Dead Letter Office. Still she dreams of something more–a bit of intrigue, a taste of romance, or at least a touch less loneliness. When a letter from a brokenhearted man to his one true love falls into her hands, Penny seizes this chance to do something heroic. It becomes her mission to place this lost letter into the hands of its intended recipient.

Thomas left his former life with no intention of ending up in Azure Springs, Iowa. He certainly didn’t expect a happy ending after what he had done. All he wanted to do was run and never look back. In a moment of desperation, he began to write, never really expecting a reply.

When Penny’s undertaking leads her to the intriguing man who touched her soul with his words, everything grows more complicated. She wants to find the rightful owner of the letter and yet she finds herself caring–perhaps too much–for the one who wrote it.

Rating: 5-stars


Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham is an emotionally engaging Christian novel. I found myself deeply immersed into the characters’ lives. What they felt and saw, I too felt and saw. A young woman works at a dead letter office. Letters that get lost or cannot find their destination are sent to the office. Penny reads the letters. Sometimes, she can feel a connection with the writer of the letters. One of these letter writers has deeply touched Penny. It comes to a time, when Penny decides to go looking for the mystery writer and help him. Or help his lover find his letters. But what Penny finds is more than she bargained for. Romance, mystery, and danger are bound in this book. Every page was just as exciting the one before it. I could not stop reading this novel. I was hooked. Yours Truly, Thomas is one of those reads that sinks its teeth into your skin and never lets go.



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