Review: Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle

Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle: How to Prevent and Control Type 2 Diabetes






As of 2017, more than 30 million Americans have diabetes. Another 84 million–more than 30% of the adult population–have elevated blood sugar levels that put them at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. For most of us, it takes a medical emergency to get us to make vital changes to our eating, exercise habits, and weight control. At that point it is often too little, too late. The unfortunate reality is that 80% of diabetics will die of a heart attack. This book is the trigger for you to make lifestyle changes before any medical emergency ever occurs.

In Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle, Dr. Richard Furman shows you the three essential steps to take in order to defeat diabetes before it defeats you. He carefully explains the latest medical literature, offers proven guidelines on what to eat (and what not to eat), and outlines an effective exercise program for keeping the heart healthy.

Anyone who is diabetic, prediabetic, or overweight, as well as the loved one or caregiver who wants specific directions for supporting the diabetic in their life as they make vital lifestyle changes, will find this book a lifeline.

Rating: 5-stars


This book, Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle, by Richard Furman, MD, is an educational journey. The type 2 diabetes is explained and explored upon these pages. The risks from this disease are also explained and taught to readers. I found it frightening. I love sugar. I have sugary foods all the time. Desserts, snacks, etc. I have cannot resist them. I do a walking exercise to stay highly active on daily basis. While I am still not fit, I am better than I was before. I have lost weight. Limiting my sugar intake has been a constant battle. The doctor here, shows that the battle is worth fighting to stay alive and well. Yes, his writing scares me. Meaning, it shows me what could go wrong if I continued to ignore the amount of sugar I take. Eating healthy and taking out half the sugary foods I do consume is tough, but it was possible. I recommend reading this nonfiction book to all. Regardless of your age, this is a helpful read.


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