Review: The String

The String (Deadly Games, #1)






A sociopath is running a deadly social experiment on a university campus. Markus Haas is the first to refuse to play the game. What unravels is a sequence of impossible decisions and a race against time to stop the sociopath before others pay the ultimate price.

Rating: 4.5-stars


The String by Caleb Breakey is a stunning new suspense novel. I couldn’t believe how fast the book was. The action and danger made it a quick read. Every page had me guessing. I knew something big was happening but I didn’t know what to expect. An unknown man known as The Conductor was dangerous. A killer. Tormenting and kidnapping are found on these pages. I enjoyed following the swat team and regular Joes who support the justice system. But one or more of them are now, in danger. Romance builds up to an intensity. Yet it has to be contained until the danger is gone. This entire journey kept me on the edge of my seat. I waited and was not disappointed. Caleb Breakey lost me within his book. His characters lured me into their world. Now, I am eager to read the next terrifying adventure by this writer.


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